So many years, so many nights, surrounded by the cosmos of music… Ninety minutes, play, record, pause, play, backward-forward, record… Stop. Song by song, well-chosen to tell a story, to warm up or cool down the atmosphere of the Café, in memory of beloved ones, love stories, a way to underline the diversity of our team, inspired by it and to inspire our guests and staff. Thanks to Micha and all the other friends who took and still take their time to create those marvelous compilations. A-Side & B-Side. 


We created an account at Spotify where we will host from time to time the playlists of our favorite ones. So if you miss the Schwarzes Café as much as we do, you can now listen to our mixtapes at least at home… stay safe and enjoy! 

LOVE from Schwarzes Café Team.


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